Peter Ortmann Photography

A clasic vision on portrait photography of (old) man.




Classical portraits with (old)man. At the other scale of photographing people, I was always interested in photographingold man. When they are 70, 80 or even older they are interested in workingtogether. I love the coolness these men have, the pride of their scarves andcartography of live written in their faces. 


I had the idea for some time,but I realized that I must start now if I like to have some of themphotographed. One day I met Francis and Maria at their home and decided on my wayhome that should start right away.

2022-12-04 16h49m46 (117) portrait
2022-12-04 16h58m30 (119) portrait-4


Painter, creative mind and founding director of the IKOB - Museum for Contemporary Art (Eupen, Belgium)