Peter Ortmann Photography


some impressions from my photographic jurney

Mystic Trees


On a rainy afternoon in Belgium I played around with my Fujifilm X100v and the slow shutter speed effects when using the integrated ND filter.

At the Museum

Genève, Suisse

While I was listening to a very boring explanation about a very boring exhibition at the MAMCO in Geneva I took the time to shoot some images from the floor with my beloved Fujifilm X100v and a Black & White film simulation.


How to see a country

Erice, Sicilie

Waling though Erice I saw this door, well drapped in the sunlight of Sicilie. For me it was typical for the impressions I had during the afternoon.

Fujifilm X100v and a warmtone Black&White film simulation.

Yesterday Late

On the sofa.

Every person is so different when you really break it down to their desires, fears and dreams.

Taking somboy as she /he is is not so easy a story full of trust.

Her eyes only


Portrait with blue eyes.edr.

Thanks K.

Jean Janssis


I encountered Jean last year in Arles and was impressed by his portraits and in particular these wonderful printing technique that fits so perfectly.

Organic Portraits on an organic material. Wonderful.

I shot these portraits live when I had the chance to meet Jean near Liege during a discussion about photography with Michael Bohn.

Two Dogs

Jean Janssis

Jean has also two nice dogs running around happy to see us.

Boys talking business

Jean Janssis & Michael Bohn

When you have the chance to visit Jean Janssis at home and discussing about photography in his atelier.

Here Michael and Jean discussing a selection of images.

In the middle of the night


The creative part after a classic portrait shooting. These moments when you can be creative and a pro model is enthousiastic about your style.

Thanks K.

Driving Home

Maastricht - Eupen

It was an afternoon spendin Maastricht with my Fujifilm X-Photographer friend

Ioannis Tsouloulis.

On my way home, shot with the Fujifilm X100V and some Lightroom tweaks.


Rêves Floux


The last round in 2022 for rêves flux.

Experimenting with light, shapes and mouvements.


in the rain

Driving in the summer rain. South of france.


Francis - Künstler

Out of nowhere I decided to take portraits of "old man". I find these faces always wonderful and talking endless stories.

I like to start with Francis who is a wonderful artist himself and who had the idea to create a Museum for Modern Art [] where I also had the priviledge to shoot him.

What a creative man and lovely person. It was so much fun.

More to come.


Playing around with Rembrandt light. In particular I have setup a higly mobile set composed of:

- Fujifilm XT5 & XF50mmf2

- 2x Godox V1

- 2x Profoto Mobild Softboxes

- White Reflector

- Balack Backround


One of the first models who inspired me and who had the patience to listen enlessly to my bla-bla.

2015 Portrait in studio

2022 Portrait in studio

Thanks for all!


I was shooting with a professional Model when she asked me if we can go back in studio and shoot those "artistic nudes".

So we did and beeing creative together and discovering the results is often surprising and for the model becoming a "pice of art" is a wonderful moment.

Short Stories

Inspired by my SWAN fellow colleague Hans Krum I am reviewing my portrait work. His portfolio was inspiring me to review my work based on sensual, kind of dreamy flowting video images.

I call this set sort stories as they express some emotions in small 30 second snippets.

Here some making off images from that shooting.

All my thanks and respect to the model who was open to be creative and engaged.

In natural light

I recently updated my sensual work performed with Irina in 2021 on location in natural light.

Working with nudity is working with respect mutual confidence and trust. From my point if view it is also more complex to find a good balance between feminity, sensualty and expression and good taste. But all of this is very indivudal.

All in natural light without Photoshop or any other artificials.

See also my portfolio

PARIS La Défence

We just arrived at la défence in Paris moved strait to the arche for a photo exhibition. It was cold and while hurrying I got some shots with my Fujifilm X100V.

I am always impressed by the quality of this little body and the beauty of having one single focal lens.

Exhibition "Paparazzi de A a Z" by Daniel Angeli..

Light Painting

Painting with light. This is the moment when you have planned to do portraits under a cloudy sky and suddenly the full sun hits the studio window. This light is suddenly so harsh that the model can't hardly look into it.

You must swith instantly from soft light to full hard sunlight, change your instructions, guide the model and protect her from the sun while bringing her back to the light.

When you got it right you have a story.

I also preferred to keep her in colour as the skin structure and freckles shows a complex and beautiful face.

Thanks Lena.

Photo Popup Fair

Impressions from the Photo Popup Fair in Düsseldorf presented by Wolfgang Sohn and shot with my X100V.

Man very cool prints, creative ideas, ready to be sold and the artists are present and open to exchange. Great!

As a SWAN Fine Art Magazine Artist (Ausgabe 08) it was a pleasure observing and discussing with Michel Lübke while taking Portraits in the "Black box" .

Only running until 04/06



Webinar mit Bob Sala exklusiv für die Abonenten des SWAN Magazines [hier].

  • Fujifilm Film Simulationen
  • Fujifilm Recipes
  • Fujifilm X Raw Studio
  • Kamera Konfiguration
  • Lightroom Workflow

und dabei einige ganz gute Fotografen und ein tolles Redaktionsteam.

Hat Spaß gemacht.

Fujifilm Recipes

Experimenting with Fujifilm film simulation recipes on my X100V.



My ideas and recommendations about the SWAN Fine Art Magazine as a reader, a follower and featured  photographer and whe you should go for it.

Video in German.

Sensual Portraits

Sensual shooting with Clara René - professional model from La Réunion.


Cool to be published in the Swiss/German SWAN fine art magazine with a full 14 pages interview.


Having a long walk on a cold winter day in Belgium.

Peter Lindbergh

Peter Lindbergh im Kunstpalast in Düssedorf. Bilder einer Ausstellung.

Peter Lindbergh

Sentence to death. Ausstellung Teil II