Peter Ortmann Photography

Peter Ortmann Photography

I am working as freelance photograher focussed on portrait photography. Most of my shootings are free projects after woking hours or during the weekend.

If you have the impression you fit into my portfolio.

The easyest way to contact me is via Instagram [here]


an extract from my recent work

Black & White

Even if I work in color, my main love and focus is on black and white photography. I can say that whatever type of photography I do: portrait, fashion, lifestyle, sensual or nude I will always focus on eye expression.

The process of photography is key to me. Catching each individuals emotions and expressing it though the photographic process is a passion.

Shooting with Anne

Time & Trust

It takes time to build trust. I like single image can express it all, but sometimes a series shows the multiple emotions and expression changes within seconds.

Shooting with Marie


Color can be powerful. Finding a personal style is quite impossible for me as for each and every shoot, or even for every image I would tune the colors differently.

Colors have their own emotions that sometimes overrule the raw expression a black and white image can give.

Shooting with Joelina

B&W Series


Back and White is what I love most since my time in the dark room and Ilford films, HP5, FP4 and Delta.

This experience sets the base on what you want as a image language.

Camera Configuration

Today the b&w is done when preparing the camera. Carefully configuring b&w profiles and download them into the XT3/4 is a major first step.


Once back home I take the RAW files again and start to apply my self-configured Lightroom Profiles and Presets.

Shooting with Maelle



Ich arbeite nebenberuflich als Fototraf und bin auf Portraitfotografie spezialisiert.

Ich mache keine Passbilder und in der Regel auch keine Hochzeiten.


I work as a part time photographer focussing on portrait photography.

I am not doing id cards and I am only doing weddings occasionally.


Je suis photographe a temps partiel spécialisé dans le portrait.

Je ne fait pas de fotos pour des cartes d'identié et en principe pas de mariages.


If you have questions please contact me.


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